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Power steering
As anyone who's done a bit of off-roading in a Series knows, the steering system has a much to be desired. This page shows an adaptation of a Land Cruiser power steering box into a Land Rover.

This is a photo of the Rover steering shaft with the worm gear cut off, sleeved and a universal in place to match the intermediate shaft.

A close-up of the shaft sleeved and fitted with a universal joint.
The steering column together with the shaft inside. Note the zerk for a bronze bushing in the bottom.
Another picture of the shaft and column together.
The frame rail drilled, coated with zinc primer and ready to accept the mounting plate for the steering box.
I've caught a lot of shit for this...It's panel bonding adhesive to add a little strength and corrosion protection between the plate and frame rail. There are also 5 grade-8 bolts through the frame and into a backing plate on the inside.
Said plate in place.
The steering box, steering shaft and column in place with the power steering hoses.
Another view of the box in place.
And another.
Here are the heavy steering arms and tie-rod ends in place.
A view from the other side.