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Benz engine

Power steering

Toyota differential

Headliner and sunroof
After living too many years with a mouse-piss smelling headliner, it was time to change it out. Because I'm cheap and like to do things different I decided to dream something up myself. I figured I would install a sunroof and alpine windows while I was at it.

Here's the roof off the truck, alpine window and sunroof holes cut out.

The sunroof being test fitted. You'll need to trim and re-shape the center brace.
1" closed-cell foam fitted and trimed to the window holes.
After the foam is fitted, grey wool felt was glued and the edges rolled around the corners.
The roof done and ready to be re-installed on the truck. The headliner is done in two main pieces. The center rib is a strip of felt glued down before the large pieces are installed. Another small piece was made for the rear vertical area.
The roof done and installed on the truck.
What it looks like from the outside.