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Power steering

Toyota differential


Getting started
This photo shows the right side of the bulkhead with the heater still attached. I tried to leave most of the components on the bulkhead when I took it apart so the re-assembly would be a little easier.
Here is the left side of the old bulkhead again, with the brake and clutch masters still in place.
Unfourtunatly, I didn't take any photos of the truck before I started taking it apart. Here is a picture of the bulkhead still on the frame with only the wings, windshild and doors off.
Here The disassembly was done in the back yard as most of the sheetmetal as well as the frame was going to the dump anyway. As there wasn't much need for finesse, the tractor came in handy.
Another picture of the old bulkhead coming off the truck.
The frame starting to come together
Another view of the rear
And the front