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Mercedes diesel
Tired of the unreliable Rover engine? So was I. Here's some information on getting a Mercedes Benz 2.4L diesel in your Series truck.

This is a photo of the Benz and Rover engine plates side by side. I needed to preserve the Benz plate but make it mate to the Rover transmission

Here is the beginning stages of the machine work on the adaptor plate. I simply used the Rover and Benz engine plates for templates
More machining
Still more machining

This long process has since been shortened with the use of a high-pressure abrasive water jet cutter. The precision work is still done on a Bridgeport

The adaptor plate in the raw
The adaptor plate mated to the Benz engine plate
And on the engine before the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate and finally the transmission are in place
Turning the pilot bushing from bearing bronze
The engine and transmission finally together
Another shot
And another
The bulky Mercedes oil filter housing is replaced with this aluminum block that diverts oil to a remote oil filter housing and oil cooler
Some chopping and welding has to be done to the upper oil pan...
...and the lower